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Radio Interviews With Victor Robert Lee Regarding the Novel Performance Anomalies

“Victor Robert Lee writes on the Asia-Pacific region and is the author of the well-received espionage novel Performance Anomalies. He is perhaps best known to readers of The Diplomat for his very popular series of articles built around satellite imagery showing China’s island building program. His writing on the region has been widely cited in major news outlets. He recently spoke with The Diplomat’s editor James Pach about the tensions in the South China Sea.” 

Victor Robert Lee's literary espionage novel Performance Anomalies , largely set in the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, introduces a unique spy hero, partly of Chinese origin, who might give Jason Bourne and James Bond a run for their money. The Japan Times called Performance Anomalies "a thoroughly original work of fiction."

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Victor Robert Lee was asked for his list of "The best five spy books set in Asia"; here are his reviews of the books.

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